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Our Priorities

Making a difference to hemodialysis care

NephroCan is a leading provider of products and services for renal patients, hemodialysis centres, and practitioners around the world. As a trusted partner of distributors and suppliers, government and healthcare professionals, we are always working to develop innovative technologies and treatment concepts for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients. 


Building a future where patient needs come first


We work at the critical junction where the technologies and renal therapies that save, sustain and improve the lives of people with ESRD meets the quality of care and budgetary restraints of the hospitals and dialysis centres, clinicians and nurses who provide treatment. We meet the evolving challenges and opportunities in renal care around the world as our team of experienced and talented nephrologists, medical doctors, nurses and engineers continually seek to offer the highest quality products and services along the entire hemodialysis chain.

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Our Customers

Envisioning better for hemodialysis patients and practitioners

For those people and organizations providing optimum hemodialysis therapies, they face questions every day. Who needs the care? Who’s going to provide the care? When and where is the care going to be provided? How much is going to cost? And who is going to make sure that you are continuing to provide standard care, using the highest-quality products at the most cost-effective prices?


With 25 years of accumulated experience, our experts have partnered with the nephrology community to focus on pioneering care in hemodialysis. While everyone’s journey is different, NephroCan aspires to be the one constant, providing hemodialysis treatments and support that meet your individual needs.

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Distributors & Suppliers

We appreciate the delicate balance between maintaining optimal hemodialysis treatment for your patients and a sustainable hospital renal department or hemodialysis clinic budget. Our experienced nephrologists, researchers and sales team develop and refine our comprehensive portfolio of hemodialysis solutions to help you minimize costs and reduce the workload of healthcare practitioners, without compromising the quality of the care that you provide.

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Healthcare Practitioners

Every day, nephrologists, nurses and clinicians provide therapy and care to almost four million people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). At NephroCan, our team continually develops and refines the range of products and processes to support you in enhancing your patient care. We promise to provide universally accessible, high-quality, standardized and affordable hemodialysis equipment and consumables, while supporting you to provide the treatments your patients deserve.


Government Healthcare

While the patient population is growing, a healthcare department’s time and cost resources are not. We understand that meeting this growing discrepancy requires meaningful innovations and services that help you deliver better care at reduced operational costs. We are continually engaged in clinical studies and medical experimentation to transform hemodialysis therapies and provide an individualized service approach to those living with ESRD. 

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At NephroCan, we work towards bettering patient care and continually strive to humanize and equalize affordable hemodialysis treatment around the globe. Regardless of where you receive your treatment, NephroCan will work to develop innovative therapies and processes that provide you with the high-quality, personalized and affordable options that you need and deserve, regardless of location and circumstance.

Customer Care

Our highly trained, dedicated team and comprehensive customer-service system provides bespoke 24-7 support. We offer a range of on-demand services for our equipment and consumables such as online and onsite equipment-training programs, remote equipment troubleshooting, and nursing and emergency advice.

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