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Hemodialysis Bloodlines for Continuous Blood Flow

NephroCan's bloodline set, NephroLine, is intended for use as the extracorporeal blood circuit during hemodialysis. Consisting of a venous and an arterial line, it provides the path for the continuous circulation of blood outside of the body during treatment.  The device is attached to the A/V fistula needles on one end and a hemodialyzer on the other.

Performance, Versatility, and Care


NephroLine includes 10 models based on compatibility with a specific hemodialysis machines, inclusion or exclusion of drain bag or spikes, sterilization method, DEHP free/contain, pump segment dimensions, and blood priming volume.

  • NephroLine is composed of a pump segment, inlet and outlet connectors, clamps, and drip chamber.

  • Arterial bloodline is the red-coded part that transports blood from the patient to the hemodialyzer inlet port for dialysis.

  • Venous bloodline is the blue-coded part that transports blood from the hemodialyzer outlet port back to the patient.

  • The plastic bloodline tubes are biocompatible and made of soft polyvinyl chloride material.

NephroLine is manufactured in compliance with the latest harmonized international standards such as BS EN ISO 8637-2, Extracorporeal systems for blood purification, part 2: Extracorporeal blood circuit for hemodialyzers, hemodiafilters and hemofilters.

Full Package Treatment

NephroCan has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of dialysis consumables and equipment throughout the world. Our product portfolio provides everything a medical professional or patient could need for the delivery of safe and successful hemodialysis treatment, whatever the patient requirements and regardless of facility or location.

Customer Care

Our highly trained, dedicated team and comprehensive customer-service system provides bespoke 24-7 support. We offer a range of on-demand services for our equipment and consumables, including online and onsite equipment-training programs, remote equipment troubleshooting, and nursing and emergency advice.

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