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Fully Configurable Hemodialysis Chair 

The NephroChair is developed specifically to provide optimal levels of comfort, support and flexibility during hemodialysis treatment. Not only does the chair help the patient to relax and avoid the effects of muscle cramps and body fatigue, it also assists the practitioner by providing ease of access, optimal height, vertical and horizontal lift, and reduced use of space.


The NephroChair upholstery uses a composite of low and medium density shaped cushions, integral wide memory-foam armrests and includes various adjustable features to provide an optimum combination of comfort and support for the patient. It is fully customizable in terms of colour palette, and additional add-on options, such as a reading light and branding. 

Optimum patient comfort and support during extended hemodialysis treatment

The NephroChair is lightweight and compact with smooth contours for comfort and safety, and includes the following features as standard:


  • Tilting seat to allow for a wider range of procedures including Trendelenburg positioning

  • Adjustable height, back rest, seat rest, leg rest, foot rest, seat tilt and multi-position fold-down armrests to achieve optimum patient comfort, positioning and clinical access

  • One click transition from chair to couch, seat to recliner

  • ABS thermoplastic frame cover provides rigidity and impact and heat resistance

  • Memory foam mattress, covered in a washable, antibacterial, fire-retardant polyurethane (PU) cover for optimal hygiene and safety

  • Equipped with emergency settings and central lockable casters that function in all chair positions

  • Integral weighing scale to ensure stability and support for patients of all sizes and builds

  • Highly customizable and easy storage to fit any space available in hospitals and dialysis centers

  • Fully compliant with all global safety test requirements and electromedical standards

Full Package Treatment

NephroCan has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of dialysis consumables and equipment throughout the world. Our product portfolio provides everything a medical professional or patient could need for the delivery of safe and successful hemodialysis treatment, whatever the patient requirements and regardless of facility or location.

Customer Care

Our highly trained, dedicated team and comprehensive customer-service system provides bespoke 24-7 support. We offer a range of on-demand services for our equipment and consumables, including online and onsite equipment-training programs, remote equipment troubleshooting, and nursing and emergency advice.

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