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Sodium Bicarbonate Cartridge for Optimized Hemodialysis Treatment

NephroCart is a polypropylene cartridge containing sodium bicarbonate powder for the in-line preparation of a dialysate solution. When attached to the hemodialysis machine, purified water passes through the powder, producing a sodium bicarbonate-based buffer fluid used to cleanse the blood during hemodialysis treatment.


Storage of the NephroCart uses considerably less space than other dialysate preparations and also provides a safer, cleaner, more conventional hemodialysis treatment for the patient. The cartridges are available in three sizes (550g, 650g and 750g) and are compatible with all popular makes and models of the dialysis machine. After treatment, external caps allow for safer, cleaner, and more hygienic disposal of the products. 

A more convenient preparation of bicarbonate powder


NephroCart offers a number of benefits to the practitioner and the patient, including:


  • Ready-to-use for on-line preparation of Sodium Bicarbonate powder

  • Easy to assemble and compatible with popular makes and models of hemodialysis machines

  • Manufactured with Polyethylene Cartridge and dust-proof packaging

  • Available in three different sizes 

  • Leak resistance through ultrasonic welding

  • Minimizing spills after cartridge drainage via the supplied cap

  • Compliant with USP/BP quality standards and AAMI certification

  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 23500-4:2019

Full Package Treatment

NephroCan has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of dialysis consumables and equipment throughout the world. Our product portfolio provides everything a medical professional or patient could need for the delivery of safe and successful hemodialysis treatment, whatever the patient requirements and regardless of facility or location.

Customer Care

Our highly trained, dedicated team and comprehensive customer-service system provides bespoke 24-7 support. We offer a range of on-demand services for our equipment and consumables, including online and onsite equipment-training programs, remote equipment troubleshooting, and nursing and emergency advice.

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