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Tailored Sodium Bicarbonate Powder for Hemodialysis

NephroBag is a preparation of high-quality sodium bicarbonate powder for a single hemodialysis treatment. By simply adding purified water and an acidic concentrated, the powder immediately dissolves, producing a solution which can then be used to achieve the prescribed dosage for a single hemodialysis treatment (up to five hours at a dialysate flow rate of 500ml per minute).


Storage of the NephroBag takes up considerably less space than other dialysate preparations and also provides a safer, cleaner, more conventional hemodialysis treatment for the patient. The bags are available in three sizes (550g, 650g and 750g) and are compatible with all popular makes and models of the dialysis machine.

Single-use preparation of bicarbonate powder


NephroBag offers a number of benefits, including:


  • Compatible with most popular makes of the hemodialysis machine

  • Easy to handle / transport and requires less storage space

  • Angular design prevents loss of powder during use

  • Manufactured in three different sized bags 

  • Two-year shelf-life

  • Contained in polyamide, polyethylene, hermetically sealed dust-proof package

  • Compliant with USP/BP and EP standard regulations

  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 23500-4:2019

Full Package Treatment

NephroCan has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of dialysis consumables and equipment throughout the world. Our product portfolio provides everything a medical professional or patient could need for the delivery of safe and successful hemodialysis treatment, whatever the patient requirements and regardless of facility or location.

Customer Care

Our highly trained, dedicated team and comprehensive customer-service system provides bespoke 24-7 support. We offer a range of on-demand services for our equipment and consumables, including online and onsite equipment-training programs, remote equipment troubleshooting, and nursing and emergency advice.

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