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The Intuitive Hemodialysis Machine

Ensure optimum patient safety, comfort and blood-filtering treatment with NephroHDM: our easy-to-operate, high-performance hemodialysis machine that offers excellent flexibility and individualized treatment. Operators are guided by step-by-step visual and sound notifications while adjustable treatments allow each treatment to match the specific patient prescription.


Designed in consultation with physicians, clinicians, and nursing staff for the global requirements of hemodialysis patients, the versatility and intelligence of NephroHDM provides hospitals and dialysis centres with operational and cost efficiencies that streamline staff workflow and hemodialysis treatment monitoring, without compromising quality. 

Designed for individually optimized treatment

In addition to the features common to standard hemodialysis machines, the NephroHDM hemodialysis system offers both practitioners and patients a number of other benefits, including:


  • Manufactured using high-quality, well-known brand components to provide the optimum reliability

  • Servo system ensures perfect blood flow, allowing for precise anticoagulation injection during treatment

  • Suitable for single and double needle treatments

  • Blood detector notifies operator when blood enters the hematic circuit

  • Ultrasonic air level detector situated downstream of blood circuit and electric solenoid clamp situated adjacent to air detector sensor to avoid patient infusion

  • Brushless DC motor equipped with accurate encoder for the highest safety of blood flow control

  • Accurate flow control system guarantees efficient and accurate net fluid removal

  • Blood pump equipped with internal self-control system to prevent pump from rotating in reverse direction

  • Blood circuit is equipped with arterial, venous, and dialyzer entrance pressure sensors, providing the highest safety level by continuously monitoring blood volume, blood pressure and the patient’s physiological state

  • Dialysate preparation system controls and adjusts fluid concentration by measuring fluid conductivity via non-invasive conductivity sensors using electromagnetic technology

  • Two flow meters that measure online UF rate as well as protection for online test and auto calibration of flow meters during treatment

  • High-performance temperature control, optimized energy consumption and increased heat disinfection effectiveness using three PT100 sensors within the hydraulic circuit

  • Blood leak detector to immediately locate and alert operator of dialyzer leakage

  • Control system equipped with ARM-based processor and parallel monitoring technology to oversee all critical functions

  • Intuitive user interface with a 15-inch PCAP touchscreen, which can connect to external networks through cloud communication and utilizes Linux-based process that interacts with machine processor, providing clear overview of treatment status and secure communication

  • Patient card reader

Full Package Treatment

NephroCan has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of dialysis consumables and equipment throughout the world. Our product portfolio provides everything a medical professional or patient could need for the delivery of safe and successful hemodialysis treatment, whatever the patient requirements and regardless of facility or location.

Customer Care

Our highly trained, dedicated team and comprehensive customer-service system provides bespoke 24-7 support. We offer a range of on-demand services for our equipment and consumables, including online and onsite equipment-training programs, remote equipment troubleshooting, and nursing and emergency advice.

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