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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are NephroCan’s products designed and manufactured?
    From concept to design, development to product, and assembly to distribution, every one of NephroCan’s products is designed and manufactured by our experienced in-house teams at our headquarters and European manufacturing locations
  • What certifications does NephroCan have?
    NephroCan is proud to be recognized by numerous international, national and regional industry bodies including CE and ISO 13485. Full details can be found on our certifications page.
  • What type of sterilization techniques does NephroCan use?
    NephroCan is certified to provide products that have been sterilized using the GAMMA, ETO and STEAM DRY sterilization techniques. Please visit our Product pages for information.
  • Are NephroCan products latex free?
    Yes, all NephroCan products are latex-free.
  • Are NephroCan products affected by extreme temperatures?
    Generally, NephroCan product ranges should be kept in a dry place and away from sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 5°C and 35°C. (This range might vary for a few products so it’s best practice to check the product label).
  • What kind of background is required to provide service and maintenance on NephroCan HD equipment and machines? How can I qualify to supply after-sale service in my country?
    To provide after-sale service on NephroCan equipment, we suggest that local partners have engineers and technicians on their team with previous experience in servicing HD machines, or with prior knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic technicalities gained in the after- sale service of other complex medical equipment.
  • I have been in the market supplying consumables and selling other brands' dialysis machines and equipment. If I want to become your distributor and/or business partner, how can I get to know NephroCan equipment?
    NephroCan supports all its distributors and business partners by providing full training on its HD machines and dialysis equipment, so that service and maintenance on NephroCan machinery can be done directly by the distributors in their own countries. NephroCan organizes training courses for distributors' engineers and technicians on our premises, providing all the know-how for the set-up, service, and maintenance of our equipment. Our partners' technicians will be certified at the end of the training and will then be able to provide after-sale service in their local markets at their customers' HD centers.
  • How do I become a distributor of NephroCan products?
    If you are interested in becoming an official distributor of NephroCan’s products, please email with details about your company, including its experience in hemodialysis and the wider medical-devices sector. A member of our sales team will contact you.
  • How can I keep up to date with news and product updates from NephroCan?
    You can follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, and subscribe to our infrequent newsletters. If you have questions relating to the company’s attendance at conventions, or have a media/press inquiry, please contact our communications department at

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