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Rethinking Hemodialysis

Providing patients, medical professionals, and healthcare authorities with high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective hemodialysis solutions.

Our Promise

NephroCan was founded on the principle that every hemodialysis patient deserves to have the best-quality therapy built around their specific needs, irrespective of circumstances. That belief continues to guide us. Our passion for patient-focused treatment is at the heart of everything we do because we believe that hemodialysis care should be equitable, accessible, and affordable for all. 


NephroCan is committed to transforming renal care with our range of hemodialysis products, working with our customers to deliver

cost-effective solutions that reduce the workload of practitioners and achieve better outcomes for patients.


As the first Canadian company to enter the hemodialysis market, NephroCan’s high-quality products, and the company’s continuous innovation, have helped us become a trusted partner to medical professionals, healthcare authorities, and patients worldwide.


NephroCan supports you throughout. Our experienced clinical specialists and technicians will guide you through our devices and therapy systems by using onsite or remote product training, and by providing advice services to support your hemodialysis- therapy program. 

Delivering Better Hemodialysis Therapy,
One Product at a Time

Over the years, we have continually sought to develop the highest-quality, most time-efficient and cost-effective hemodialysis therapies. We offer machinery, equipment, and consumables that improve the quality of treatment and optimize the safety and comfort of the patient. We help reduce the workload of practitioners in meeting the needs of hemodialysis centres and hospitals. Resolute in our commitment to continuous improvement, we continue to develop, test, and refine our product line.

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